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Evaluating Your Property for Proper Home Design

Have you already selected the land you plan to build your home on?  Did you consider the implications of choosing that piece of property in drafting home plans?  If you are the builder you already know the challenges unusual land structure cause.  You either have to do extreme reshaping of the land or consider integrating the land and home together.   The company who does the drafting services needs to understand the land and how it will affect the design.

It is not always curves and patterns of the property which causes problems.  Sometimes it is the location.  If the land in area prone to flooding?  Is it in the suburbs of Sunshine Coast or Brisbane and surround by brush covered land?  These conditions can change the requirements for building your home, too.

Fire and Flood Danger Adds to Your Home Cost

If a home is in a flood danger area is may need to be built higher and with added precautions for high water.  This can cause additional costs in the design.  These factors must be considered as the building construction plans are put together.  Even the materials use may change in this situation.

Homes in brush lands with high fire risk present a different problem.  The home must meet the new codes spelled out in the Queensland bushfire regulations.  These new regulations can add 10% or more to the cost of your building.

Imagine the shock of working with a drafting services provider who does not take these factors into consideration in your plans and cost estimates.  You agree to the plans and construction begins.  Then you discover you will be responsible for over $10,000 in added expenses to make your house meet the local codes for flood or fire risk.  Your budget is destroyed.

This is exactly why you should contact a company like Drafting Concepts who understands the Queensland regulations and land.  They take into consideration where you plan to build your home and how the property affects the entire building design process.

Trusting a Company Who has Gained the Confidence of Builders in Queensland

Builders gain confidence when they know the design team understands the code and the land.  They trust the plans and the recommended list of materials to be accurate.  They can move quickly in figuring quotes which match the designer’s specifications and the buyer’s wishes.

It is not by some magical insight that Drafting Concepts knows all the facts.  They research, make phone calls, talk to the owners, and visit with the builder to determine the exact location of the property and challenges in the area.  If uncertain they may visit the property to review the parcel of land and make sure there are no added difficulties.  They check with the local councilor’s office and other regulatory officials to make sure all the facts are known for designing the home.

You may never have considered the implications of your property choice, but it is essential the company drafting homes for the area knows all of these facts.  One small mistake on their part can cause an extreme increase in price of the project.

If you have not purchased your land already consider how the geographical features may affect the cost of your home.  If you are not certain check with Drafting Concepts before you buy the land and they start designing your home.  They can help you understand the significance of building in certain areas around Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.  Their years of experience, contacts with builders, and insights with regulatory offices allows them to get information rapidly.    Are you confident the drafting services you are considering will take all of these factors into consideration?  If not, give Drafting Concepts and proceed with your plans with complete confidence.

How to Get Started?

Contact Drafting Homes to arrange your free quote and consultation or call Drafting Concepts on 0403 829 376 to receive your free quote and consultation. We understand that your time is important, which is why our no-obligation free quotes have a 48 Hour Turn Around!