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We believe drafting homes for buyers may be the most important stage in building your new home.

Getting started designing and building a new home is when you begin to lose confidence and worries begin to enter your mind.

You start seeing all the complexity of dealing with choosing the design, finding the right builder, dealing with permits, and suddenly feel overwhelmed.

If you have selected company providing drafting services who is your partner and not the builders you can begin to relax.  Let us look at a few of the factors you should be considering.

Common Concerns of New Home Buyers

There are few very common concerns which enter the minds of most individuals preparing to build a home.  These concerns include:

  • Avoiding exceeding your budget.
  • Making sure the home meets all local requirements in Brisbane or Queensland.
  • Feeling intimidated by all the paperwork involved in building a home.
  • Determining the right builder for your project.
  • Will the property and home design work together?

Most of these concerns can be avoided if you select the right drafting services and get involved in the design process.

The Design Process from Empty Land to Final Construction

Many drafting services believe all your need is a building construction drawing and the rest can be left up to the builders.  The design process for drafting homes should start with an evaluation of the empty property first.  It must determine problems with drainage, the mix of soil and rock, and other environmental factors which could affect the home design.

With those factors in mind the designer can sit down with the home buyer and decide on all of the important design features they want included in the home.  This will include questions about:

  • How many bathrooms do you want?
  • How many bedrooms should be included in the home design?
  • Do you want a single or multi-story home?
  • Do you have children or elderly people who will be living in the home?
  • Should the kitchen design include an area for a cooking island?

This is just the start of the questions you will be asked.  These questions are intended to help you think carefully through the design process so you can build the home of your dreams.

When working with Drafting Concepts of Sunshine Coast you will become deeply involved in the design process.  You will be the inspiration the home is designed around.

Professionalism with a Personal Touch

Your home is going to be your personal getaway.  Drafting services requires professionalism for dealing with councilors, inspectors, and licensing departments.  When dealing with you, your home designer should have a personal touch.  It is important for them to understand your needs and desires for the home.  It is crucial you have clear and easy communication.

Drafting homes properly requires understanding the lifestyle and needs of the family.  By working with you on a one to one basis it is possible to understand your real desires and needs and not follow old patterns which do not meet your personal needs.

Unraveling the Confusion of Permits, Certifications, and Councils

A challenge faced by individuals when they decide to build their own home is dealing with all of the government agencies, permits, and certifications needed.  You have never done it before so every form, paper, and requirement is a new experience and difficult.

Many drafting services do not assist with this process either.  Drafting Concepts in Queensland has taken a different approach.  They offer assistance in getting all of the right paperwork done to ease your process of getting your home built, finished, and ready to live in.  After all, home designs which are just on paper are not very useful.  It is only when the home is ready for habitation that it really becomes a home.

Why a Home Designer Should Be On Your Team First

Many drafting services work for the builder and not the home owner.  This exposes you to one major problem.  The builder is then in complete control of your budget.  He is making the decisions on design elements, materials, processes, and construction teams who will be used.  This usually ends up with you paying a higher price for your home.

When the person drafting homes is employed by the home owner his first interest and priority is to please you.  Your desire to remain within a certain budget is part of the focus of the design.  Material will be evaluated and recommended to meet both your home design requests and to match your budget.

An independent design team can recommend builders and contractors who are the high quality and have proven their ability to work within a budget.  Since the designer only answers to the buyer every decision is focused on the benefit of the buyer, not on the advantages of builder.  This arrangement helps avoid kickbacks from material suppliers and contractors which can inflate your costs.

You own the plans not the builder.  This may seem like a small item, but what if you and the builder come to a disagreement on price or schedule?  If the builder owns the plans you must start over from the first step.

High Quality Plans Lead to Lower Costs and Better Construction

The team at Drafting Concepts believes the start to having a well-built home which stays under budget is found in the planning stage.  They work at every step of the design process to meet your needs and help you create a home you will love for a lifetime.

The building construction drawings will be your property.  The choice of builders stays in your hands.  Most importantly you stay in charge.  You will save money, time, and frustration when you partner with a team who understands drafting homes is not about the builder.   It is all about the people who will be living in the home.  They are the people who must be satisfied with the final product, their new home.