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Know How Much You Home Should Cost Before Getting Quotes from Builders

Have you ever wondered if you are getting a good price for having a home built?  If you are relying on plans created by the builder you are completely under their control.   Think about this simple fact.  If you are going to use the home drafting plans provided by the builder and get quotes from 6 differing home building firms you will have 6 wildly different quotes.

Each builder is using slightly different plans which include different materials, floor space, and building processes.  The plans could vary by more than ten thousand dollars.  You would have a difficult time working through all the plans, notes, and quotes to determine which offer is the highest value for your money.

If you work independently with drafting services from companies like Drafting Concepts, you will have one set of plans which spells out precisely the materials to use and the building processes which should be required.  When you present these plans to six different builders you get back quotes which are easy to compare.  You can make decisions based upon similarity rather than vast amounts of differences.

The best thing about having the building design process under your control is knowing up front the approximate cost of your project.  Drafting Concepts can provide you with an estimated cost of construction of the plans they create allowing you to negotiate with builders confidently.

Imagine the shock on the builders face when you can say with confidence you feel they have quoted a price which is too high.  Picture their surprise when you ask them about line items on their quote which does not match up to the plans.  Having the expertise of the drafting services on your side gives you control and knowledge.

The Most Important Element of Knowing Costs Up Front

Most builders are extremely ethical and honest.  They are not intending to overcharge anyone for their work, but do expect fair pay.  Having exact plans and estimated costs up front allows you to make sure a builder does not make a mistake, too.  Think about how often you have heard someone complain about cost overruns on their building project.  Many times it has nothing to do with the builder.

The cost overruns occur because of misunderstandings between the home owner and builder.  As the construction is taking place minor changes are made to the project to fulfill the desires of the owner.  All of those minor changes add time and expense to the project.  The builder passes those costs on to you.

When you have plans which are created in detail and all the hard questions are asked in advance your project runs smoothly.  The builder is usually expecting slight delays during construction due to the owner changing their mind. When everything runs smoothly the home is built faster reducing costs.  Everyone is happy to see the project coming in on or under budget.

Home Design by Listening

Drafting Concepts in Sunshine Coast and Brisbane chooses to take a unique method in home design.  They start off by asking questions and then listening intently to the answers.  Before they begin drafting homes for their client they want a full understanding of budget, needs, and desires.  With that understanding they can help the home owner create a design which meets their desires and can be built within budget.

Using drafting services which are under your control is the fastest way to lowering your home ownership cost.  You eliminate builder confusion, costly delays, and cost overruns.  Always start your building design plans by taking charge of the planning phase by selecting high quality drafting services like Drafting Concepts in Queensland.

How to Get Started:

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