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Bringing You into the Building Design Process for Your Home or Business

Have you ever wondered how most drafting services make sure their clients get the right building or home when they rarely talk to them?  This becomes more evident in designers who work for contractors and builders.  They take their direction from the builder not the buyer.

Think about how the conversation with a builder often goes.  You say you want a 3 bedroom home with 2 bathrooms, and give some general ideas about the layout.  A couple of weeks later the builder says the plans are ready and they are ready to get underway with building your home.  You drop by the office to look over the plans and they look OK, but something does not feel quite right.  You cannot put your finger on it, but you know it could be better.

Feeling Confident and Inspired By Sharing in the Design Process

Let us contrast the previous method with the way a firm like Drafting Concepts in Brisbane and Golden Coast work.  They work for the buyer of the home not the builder.  One of the important parts of their service of drafting homes is communication.

The communication starts with talking to you.  They work to discover all of your real desires for your home or office space.  You will be involved in the design process to make sure you are happy with the layout and ideas.  You can even expect questions about how the space will be used to allow the drafting team to include the proper number of electrical outlets and other services for each room.

The communication then continues to help you with permits, certifications, and approvals for your project.  They can explain their drafting solutions to the proper departments to make sure your structure is built without delays and redesigns due to faults in the plans.

The next step in the communication cycle is with the builder.  An important part of the job with drafting services like Drafting Concepts is to make sure your builder understands the plans thoroughly.  Since they represent you, not the builder, they become a powerful advocate in helping to keep your costs in control and make sure the project does not exceed your budget.

Working With You to Overcome Problems during Construction

It is rare when a building project does not run into some minor difficulty.  It is nearly impossible to anticipate every minor challenge which might occur due to an unexpected material shortage, problem with the land, or other event.  What you need at those times is a drafting service which can make the adjustments to the plans fast and get things back on track.

This is one of the times you will be happy the design team works for you and not the builder.  They will keep your interests in mind as they work out the details of the changes.  This is one of the places where cost overruns commonly happen when builders begin adding items from their preferred suppliers or calling in their friends to work on problems.  These friendships may sometimes help you save money, but more often they cost you more.

The Job is Done When You Unlock the Door with a Smile

Many drafting companies react like the job is finished when they turn the building construction drawing over to you and the builder.  The time they should be done with the job is when you unlock the door fully satisfied the job was done right.  Plans on paper are just the start of a project not the end.  By choosing a high quality drafting company you are never left on your own, but have the support you need throughout the design process and building of your home or office.

How to Get Started:

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